#92 – Welcome Sydney Lash to our team!

Help us welcome Sydney Lash, our new Data Analyst Fellow, to our team! Read more below about Sydney, her experiences, and what she’ll bring to our organization and those we serve. Our connection to Sydney was made possible through GardHouse, a Charlotte nonprofit helping to provide paid internships, professional coaching, and development workshops to Black and Brown college students.

Hi, my name is Sydney Lash. I am a student at Queens University of Charlotte studying Public Health with a focus on Data Analytics. I am excited to join the SchermCo Foundation as a Data Analyst Fellow. 

My passion lies in racial equity across all fields, but I have a strong passion for health equity. With my previous data analytics experiences, I bring data visualization and analysis skills. I would love to use these skills to communicate the impact that the SchermCo Foundation is making in the Charlotte community and expand the understanding of the data collected through the programming initiatives.

I am very enthusiastic about the foundation’s mission to empower parents with resources that improve social mobility for low-income families; although this does not directly align with healthcare, family empowerment can be a tool for equity across all fields. I play into community equity efforts myself by working as a Heart Math tutor at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary. I believe in the power of interventions and programming. The unique approach of the SchermCo Foundation to target parents and in turn feeding back to the children instead of solely focusing on children is amazing, and I am excited to join the mission. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to work on a mission like this and be exposed to a new field. Using my technical skills to help a mission such as the empowerment mission of this foundation will be fulfilling for me and allow me to develop new skills in data analytics.

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