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Here you can get some in-depth examples of the work we do. We’ll go over the scope of our work with different partners and share hard data with you to show what worked. These case studies are a treasure trove of information, and all we ask for in return is your email so we can continue to share content like this with you in the future.


GardHouse is a Charlotte nonprofit founded in 2019 with the goal of developing paid internships for the area’s interns of color in partnership with small businesses. Jonathan Gardner saw there was a need to create a pipeline to employment for college students of color, starting him on a journey to find solutions for that problem.

Essentially, GardHouse finds businesses in need of interns and students of color in need of internships, and then pairs them together strategically. Then, GardHouse plays a supporting role throughout the internship by providing one-on-one coaching opportunities, programming and more to increase each student’s chances of obtaining employment upon graduation.

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