We help you analyze. We help you create. We help you implement solutions to better serve students & families.

We help you analyze. We help you create. We help you implement solutions to better serve students & families.

Our Mission

SchermCo is a national social-impact implementation firm that offers strategic advising, organizational development, and implementation services to schools and education-focused organizations that support underserved communities. We reinvest 1% of our time/funds back into the communities we serve.

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What we do

We work with schools, districts, foundations, and governments who want to dramatically improve educational opportunities in communities that need them the most. More importantly, we work with game changers who have big ideas and believe anything is possible.

School Support Services

We work directly with districts, traditional schools, and charter schools to improve their operational and academic procedures. Our services include start-up support, organizational culture, leadership coaching, and staff professional development.

Community Support Services

We work directly with nonprofits, boards, foundations, and corporate social responsibility departments that work in education. Our services include strategic planning, capacity building, organizational development, and program development.

From 1:1 coaching sessions to network engagement strategies, SchermCo delivered just what was needed. Whenever we had questions or required additional guidance, SchermCo was there to provide quality assistance. GardHouse has definitely benefited tremendously from SchermCo’s services.

SchermCo delivered high-quality project management support to the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, and we truly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to work with them! Hope to do so again in the near future!

We engaged SchermCo to help us conduct a feasibility study to understand how we could better support educators of color in our school district. Their focus on equity and ability to work with a variety of stakeholders allowed us to collect actionable feedback that we could implement right away.

“SchermCo was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of establishing an out-of-school time intermediary for our community. Greg’s expertise and professionalism helped us meet a critical need for Charlotte youth. SchermCo is a key partner in addressing challenges and opportunities in any community.”

“From providing a clear framework and schedule for our project to conducting role-play sessions to teach us how to pitch our new services, Greg & SchermCo strengthened our skills and helped us develop a business plan that allows us to serve more students on their life-changing path to college.”

“I found Greg to be inquisitive and able to ask the right questions to get beyond the superficial.  This quality solicited the details needed to move our work forward with a full understanding and context.  This curious nature coupled with being a good listener increased efficiency and effectiveness of our partnership and ultimately resulted in success for the project.“

“The incredible work Greg and his team did for our staff culture was evident immediately. Three years later, I continue to see the benefits of their expertise as we deal with the many changes and difficulties of COVID-19. Greg and his team helped us pinpoint our shared values and beliefs. As a result, we were able to reset and realign to ensure we serve our students, families, and each other, to the fullest extent possible. A positive staff culture was critical to our ability to be fluid with the changes from remote to in-person instruction. I am grateful SchermCo helped us establish a strong foundation to be able to ride the waves of changes and be successful amid a pandemic.”

What We Believe

  • We believe that an educational utopia is possible.
  • We recognize that anything new and worthwhile will take an incredible amount of work and a fresh way of thinking.
  • We believe that all students, regardless of background, have the ability to learn and succeed.
  • We believe diversity in all ways is critical to the success of any organization and community.
  • We believe in the importance of planning and we favor action. We like to test ideas, concepts and new services to drive change.
  • We believe messy work, failing fast, and only conspiring when seeking to serve students at the highest levels.
  • We believe leadership is critical to the success of any organization.
  • We believe decisions should always be in the best interest of scholars.

Connect With Us

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