#8 – What If?

The word consultant often elicits a less than favorable reaction. Use that word within education and the reactions become even more animated – which we understand. The typical consulting process, at least within education, seems transactional, superficial, and over-priced from the outside.

Educators are possessive of their students, their classrooms, and their schools – and they should be. They work incredibly hard and make sacrifices to ensure their students have access to a quality education. Potentially working with consultants or any outsiders that may not understand their sacrifices is a difficult place to begin a working relationship that ultimately benefits students.

What if this wasn’t the case?

What if this outside group were former teachers and school administrators that understood your sacrifices?

What if the consultants took the time to build meaningful relationships?

What if clients were treated with the utmost respect? Like family – better than family?

What if the consultants committed to building solutions alongside their clients, rather than pitching misaligned ideas or templates?

What if these organizations truly worked together to increase educational opportunities for our communities in the most need?

We believe in creating an experience for our clients that enables them to increase educational opportunities for the students they serve. We believe in treating people right and we think when great people come together on behalf of students – the possibilities are endless.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Action Step

  • Tell someone special that you appreciate them
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