#78 – Welcome Kaosisochi Duruanyim to our team!

Help us welcome Kaosisochi Duruanyim, our new Strategic Implementation intern, to our team! Read more below about Kaosisochi, his experiences, and what he’ll bring to our organization and those we serve.

Greetings! My name is Kaosisochi Duruanyim, and I am a student and an aspiring entrepreneur. While I have spent most of my life in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was born in Nigeria. My family came to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. Growing up in an African household taught and instilled in me many valuable values. I was always taught to strive for and become the best. I was always taught to remain firm and pursue academic excellence at all times. I was always taught to treat everyone with kindness and show them the same respect I would if they were my parents. While we grew up in a less fortunate area, my mother never let me dwell on that. She reminded me constantly that everything is temporary and to always push ahead because change is around the corner.

I did not know what I wanted to be in high school. I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare field, but I did not have a specific job in mind. Unfortunately, I injured my Achilles tendon and had to have surgery on my feet. I was nervous, and a bit worried. I had never had surgery or been required to remain in the hospital for that long. However, the injury led to my greatest realization. Before my experience in the hospital, I never truly realized the importance and the true role a nurse plays in the healthcare environment. The nurses I received took exceptional care of me and made sure to help calm my nerves before the surgery. 

At that moment, I realized that I wanted to become a nurse. At that moment, I realized that if I could make another child feel the calmness my nurses provided, I would go home elated and fulfilled. While recovering and bedridden, I decided I needed to attend nursing school. I did not have the funds or the means, but I knew I had to attend nursing school. I researched and decided to pursue my degree at Central Piedmont, but I still needed the money for school. So I took a chance and went down to Central Piedmont and spoke to as many administrators as possible. Miraculously I landed a scholarship.

The scholarship I received honestly changed my life. It proved to me that hard work pays off and dreams can come true. While happy, I understood the responsibility and privilege that was bestowed upon me. My scholarship organization demanded excellence, and I was not going to be the one to fall short. I worked extremely hard and was noticed by my scholarship organization. They pushed me to do my best and encouraged me to pursue excellence. They also put me in different situations that helped me grow and get out of my comfort zone. I was the student chosen to speak in front of the school’s board and in front of other important school officials. Before I knew it, I had overcome my fear of the stage and learned how to command a room when needed. I was juggling all these new responsibilities and tasks while also attending class. While in school, I worked very hard and maintained a GPA of 3.8 in my nursing prerequisites. I also became a Certified Phlebotomist Technician and a Certified Nursing Assitant. My scholarship organization also opened many doors and introduced me to the Gardhouse organization.

As a nursing student, none of the previous internship opportunities caught my eye. I knew I wanted an internship opportunity that would teach me something and allow me to grow and gain experience. So I only applied for an internship opportunity once I saw the SchermCo internship. The SchermCo internship was perfect for me. I do not plan on remaining a regular bedside nurse. I plan on being a nursing entrepreneur. I plan on opening a nursing-related business, but I knew I could possibly be lacking in the necessary skills. The SchermCo internship post spoke about project management and strategic implementation. These are the skills one must have to properly run and grow a successful business. A big part of running a business is knowing when and when not to execute different parts of the strategy. Timing is critical. This is my first internship and my first real chance to learn these valuable skills. I understand the opportunity I have been given and will not waste a second of it. I cannot wait to start collaborating and soaking in the vast knowledge of the SchermCo team.

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