#77 – Welcome Zoe Shellenbarger to our team!

Help us welcome Zoe Shellenbarger, our new family empowerment intern to our team! Read more below about Zoe, her experiences, and what she’ll bring to our organization and those we serve.

Hi! My name is Zoe Shellenbarger. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a high school student at Charlotte Lab High School and was given the fantastic opportunity to work as the family empowerment intern for SchermCo. I am particularly excited about this opportunity because SchermCo’s work aligns with my personal value of the need to assist with education in underserved communities. Through working at SchermCo, I hope to grow my collaboration skills and learn how a workplace environment works. 

I am interested in a wide range of hobbies, from baking to content creation, activism, and arts and crafts. For my future, I want to do something that strives for equity. Whether that is owning an inclusive business, being a member of a nonprofit, or volunteering frequently, I want to create a better tomorrow for our world.

When I was in seventh grade, Jia Lin, who is now the Director of Family Empowerment, was my Math 1 teacher. This experience has been exciting because I am now interning for her and working with the SchermCo Team. It has been nice getting to reconnect and work with her but especially getting to learn and grow from her coaching.

As a student, I believe that one of the best ways a young person can set themselves up for their best future is by exploring new opportunities and staying motivated, particularly in subjects of interest. I am very grateful to be a part of the work SchermCo does because the connection they work to cultivate, both community and communication-wise, I genuinely believe will help better the generation of tomorrow.

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