#7 – Welcoming Wildflower to the Family!

We are excited to welcome Wildflower Montessori to the SchermCo family. Wildflower is “an ecosystem of decentralized Montessori mico-schools that support children, teachers, and parents on the unfolding journey toward fulfilling their potential.“

Micro-schools are gaining more momentum in education. Micro-schools often serve 10-15 students across five grade levels, compared to a traditional school setting where they might serve approximately 500 students across five grades. The “micro-approach” allows these schools to provide a more personalized experience in all ways. Read more about micro-schools here.

Wildflower is intentional about their innovative approach of blending a number of strategies to offer a new vision for what school can look like. Marrying everything from art, design, location, and more allows Wildflower to truly be on the forefront of innovative schools. Read more about Wildflower’s 9 Principles.

The first Wildflower school opened in 2014 and was met with an enormous amount of interest. There are currently 11 total Wildflower schools – nine in the Boston area and two in San Juan. In their expansion, Wildflower is seeking to systemize some key processes for their school leaders to successfully launch more schools. That is where we come in.

We’ve partnered with TR Edwards Construction, LLC to document and create a manual to capture the key processes for school leaders to secure and build-out the facilities for each school. The content within the manual will be uploaded into an interactive platform to track the progression of opening each school.

In mid-January, our team was fortunate to visit many of the Wildflower schools in Cambridge to meet their team. See below for a glimpse into their focus on art and design:

WF.5 WF.4 WF.2WF.3  WF.1

And, we were able to stop by Harvard!


We are truly honored to partner with such an innovative organization. Track our progress on social media @schermco and engage with us to learn more.

Action Steps

  1. Check out this article about Wildflower in the Boston Globe
  2. Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts on the Montessori model of education
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