#53 – Profound Gentlemen and Building the Beloved Community

Our team has had the pleasure of supporting Profound Gentlemen (PG) and their work to retain and develop male educators of color for almost two years. What began as a strategic planning partnership, evolved into a deeper partnership focused on the implementation, budgeting tools, and board development.

Moreover – our work alongside PG further validated our belief in the importance of male educators of color in all schools across the country – for all kids. From March 13-15 in Charlotte, PG will host its annual Community Impact Awards to celebrate their Gentlemen, partners, and supporters from across the country.

I hope you’ll consider joining and celebrating their work – for all students.

See below for an excerpt of a Letter to the Editor from Jason Terrell, Co-Founder of Profound Gentlemen

“Imagine you awoke this morning in a community governed on the principles of justice, equal opportunity for all, and “agape love” (an unselfish, brotherly love). Your Instagram timeline captures images of an all-inclusive spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. Even your political and social leaders handle conflict with peaceful reconciliation.”

To read the full post, please click here to view it on Queen City Nerve website.

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