#12 – Joining SchermCo

My name is Patrick Mohorcic and I’m a rising senior at the College of Wooster studying Political Science and Economics. I also am a member the College of Wooster Football team. Like Greg, I am from Ohio, originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

I have been fortunate enough to receive the 2017 APEX Fellowship to intern as a Social Media Fellow with SchermCo this summer. APEX is Wooster’s center for Advising, Planning, and Experiential Learning. It’s where students combine their plans for four years with their goals for life after graduation. APEX empowers students to make informed and intentional choices about their academic, personal, and professional paths. Specifically, the APEX Fellowship offers structure and mentored support to students engaged in summer internships or vocational exploration programs of at least six weeks in duration.

I chose to work with Schermco because of their passion to close the educational achievement gap in our country. I believe in getting up each morning and wanting to make a difference in the world. Schermco offers this opportunity.

Everyone deserves a high-quality education, regardless of wealth, race, or gender. The ability to be creative and innovative while working on Schermco’s social media is exciting because no other internship offers this type of experience. Greg’s guidance has already helped develop my creative and critical thinking skills.

I am extremely excited to work with Schermco this summer and help add value to their partners and the students they serve!

Action Step

Grab a post-it note and write three goals you wish to achieve this summer and put the post-it note on your bathroom mirror. Every morning you will look at this note and it will remind of your “why”. Embrace the grind!

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