Sullenberger Aviation Museum

Our team worked with the Sullenberger Aviation Museum (SAM), formerly the Carolinas Aviation Museum, for over 14 months. We partnered with SAM to test and build key education and workforce programs designed to support equity and economic mobility throughout the Charlotte region. We are proud of the testimony below and look forward to partnering with more cultural institutions seeking ways to build innovative programming. Click the button below to view a snapshot deliverable we created for SAM at the conclusion of this partnership.

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The Sullenberger Aviation Museum (formally the Carolinas Aviation Museum) engaged SchermCo at a critical point in the new museum development project. The organization was advancing a significant and meaningful process of development, building a new facility and creating new and innovative educational programs. The Museum’s new mission – to Inspire, Educate and Elevate – was intended to elevate the quality and impact of our STEM education and workforce develop programs. Giving our bold vision and critical needs for expert counsel to achieve our goals, SchermCo was a clear choice to lead, support, and design our new educational framework.

SchermCo was highly successful in achieving a clear understanding of the Museum’s development project and community programming objectives. The team leveraged insights from key stakeholders, cultivated needed and essential community partnerships, and lead a strategic planning process that included a strategic testing. SchermCo additionally assisted with the search process for the Museum’s new lead educator – VP of Education. Once hired, SchermCo then conducted a highly effective multi-week content on-boarding process. This has proved to both accelerate and elevate the quality of her work.

As a result of working with SchermCo at a time when the Museum’s future programming was being reimagined and developed, the Sullenberger Aviation Museum is now reaping the benefits – experiencing rapid growth of its new education department and community programming. The Sullenberger Aviation Museum would not be where it is today in the process of developing a major cultural institution without SchermCo – we would likely find that this organization was not prepared for its opening and program delivery. I deem this partnership with SchermCo as one of the most important and successful decisions I’ve made in preparing for and building the new Sullenberger Aviation Museum. I would recommend that any social or educational venture leverage the expertise of SchermCo if it seeks to be effective in fulfilling its mission – emphatically!

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