Family Empowerment

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2019/2020 Context

The 2019-2020 school year represents the second full year, and third total, of this innovative partnership between Ashley Park PreK-8 and Movement Charter school. Stemming from previous years, there were clear goals that were established between all parties to ensure that district/charter relationships continue to improve and that families were kept at the center of this work. 

This page was created to capture the data, impact, and stories from the 2019-2020 school year. It also serves as an example of how two dedicated schools, their families, and community partners can work together so that schools can serve as connective tissue for the entire community, and set an example for the entire state of North Carolina.

Initiative · Scope · Highlights

Thank you to our sponsors and school partners

1. Charter & District Dynamics

2. Family Engagement & Empowerment

2019/2020 Initiative

“I think this is an amazing model for how to bring communities together, how to make schools like the hubs of our neighborhood again.”

– Melinda Bell, Ashley Park PreK-8 School Parent

2019/2020 Project Scope

The scope of this year’s work continued to focus on family insights, 10 total family empowerment events, and community partnerships. Each school also took place in monthly professional development and data meetings as well as two joint professional development sessions to share resources, insights, and best practices. Although the family empowerment nights are the most public-facing aspect of the initiative, 90% of the work that took place behind the scenes is what made this initiative successful.

Professional Development & Collaboration


Community Partners



NC Charter School Advisory Board Meeting

Team members from Ashley Park, Movement School, and SchermCo traveled to Raleigh, NC to present at the NC Charter School Advisory Board Meeting.

Broad 2020 Community Engagement EPEx - Memphis, TN

SchermCo was invited to present at the Broad 2020 Community Engagement EPEx conference in Memphis, Tennessee to 12 district and charter school organizations from across the country on this innovative initiative. The presentation was postponed due to COVID-19 and may be rescheduled.

Two District/Charter FEC Meetings

Members of the Ashley Park and Movement School FECs convened twice in 19/20 SY to share resources and experiences, and plan a joint event (cancelled due to COVID-19).


WCCB News Feature - District/Charter Partnership

WCCB Charlotte featured the District/Charter partnership following a successful presentation to the NC Charter School Advisory Board and invitation to present to the State Board in a March 3 news article.

WSOC Feature - Celebrating Dads, Empowering Families

WSOC TV featured an article highlighting a fatherhood and leadership-focused event at Movement School on June 14, 2019.

Erickson Early Math Conference - Chicago, IL

Kristi Thomas of Wells Fargo, Greg Schermbeck of SchermCo, and Tracee Weston of Movement School traveled to the Erickson Early Math conference in Chicago to present on this work.

2019/2020 Goals

Goal: 5% growth in attendance, engagement, and empowerment

Average Unique Families Attending

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Average Total Attendance

[visualizer id=”836″]

63% increase in unique families attending events at Ashley Park from 18/19 to 19/20

65% increase in unique families attending events at Movement School from 18/19 to 19/20

Goal: 5% growth in resources and skills provided to families

Community Partners at Family Nights

YearCommunity Partners

43% growth in community partner participation at family night events from 18/19 to 19/20

40 Families

Received LIEAP stipends

15 Movement School families
25 Ashley Park families


Estimated assistance extended to Movement School and Ashley Park families through LIEAP

Goal: Strengthen CMS partnership

“The increased frequency with which your organization has repeatedly drawn large percentages of parents who express feelings of empowerment from having attended is a testament to the effectiveness of the model you have developed and the partners you have engaged… We all know that parents are our first and best teachers and this COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how important their involvement in their children’s education is.”

– Thelma Byers-Bailey, District 2 Representative and Vice-Chair, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education


Letters of Support

2019/2020 Outcomes

Key Metrics Across Both Schools


Family Empowerment Events across both schools


Total scholars and family members attending


Unique families attending a Family Empowerment Event across both schools

Pre-survey Data

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Families who reported attending a family night reported feeling more empowered

[visualizer id=”849″]


Families who reported attending a family night reported more involved in their child’s school

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Families that reported attending a family night also indicated that they had used the resources or skills learned from these nights at home


Pre-surveys collected from Movement School

377 or 78.5% of Movement scholars were represented by pre-survey responses


Pre-surveys collected from Ashley Park

178 or 36.9% of Ashley Park scholars were represented by pre-survey responses

Resources requested in pre-survey (across schools)

Student resources

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Adult resources

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Family Empowerment Event Data

Ashley Park PreK-8 School


Ashley Park Family
Empowerment Nights


of Ashley Park families have attended at least one family night


Average NPS at Ashley Park
Family Empowerment Nights

Ashley Park PreK-8 School Family Empowerment Attendance Data

Family NightThemeFamiliesTotal
1Passport to Success64145
2Soaring to New Heights135301
3Milestones in African-American History90239

Ashley Park Grade-level Attendance Data


Movement School


Movement School Family
Empowerment Nights


of Movement families have attended at least one family night


Average NPS at Movement School
Family Empowerment Nights

Movement School Family Empowerment Attendance Data

Family NightThemeFamiliesTotal
1Curriculum Night131299
2Planting Seeds for Success83181
32020 Vision & Goal Setting126259
4History Comes Alive108309

Movement Grade-level Attendance Data


COVID-19 Response

In mid-March of 2020, schools across Mecklenburg County turned to a virtual model in response to COVID-19. Without a school to gather in, the family empowerment initiative and family night model shifted to meet the changing needs of students, families, and schools.


  • Movement EOY Drive-thru event

Ashley Park Family Relief Fund

“We’ve been at Ashley Park since my daughter was in kindergarten and we feel a deep connection to the scholars, faculty, and this neighborhood. I am thrilled to offer perspective based on my lived experience. I know this type of hardship and I want to be able to pay the opportunity of stability forward.”

Parent, Ashley Park Family Relief Fund Review Team


Ashley Park families applied for funding


funds allocated to Ashley Park families


Families receiving funds

Review Team

The Review Team was comprised of 11 Ashley Park stakeholders including parents, PTA members, teachers, and administrators

Movement School EOY Drive-Thru Event

Scheduled for June 12, Movement School plans to celebrate the end of the school year with a drive-thru event. Teachers will distribute academic workbooks for all grade-levels.


2018/2019 Evaluation Data

Movement scholars whose families attended 2 or more events exhibit better achievement outcomes than scholars whose family had only attended one family night. Significant for literacy, math, and integrated subject areas.

The percentage of Movement scholars who scored 70 and above in literacy and math was higher among those whose family attended two or more family nights.

The percentage of Movement scholars that were chronically absent was lower among those whose family attended 2 or more family nights.

Movement scholars whose family attended 2 or more family nights averaged fewer absences when compared to scholars whose family attended only one night (no significant differences).

2019/2020 Evaluation

Evaluation Questions

  • Is there evidence that the FECP increased family engagement?

  • Is there evidence that the FECP increased family empowerment?

  • Is there evidence that the FECP improved scholar academic outcomes?

  • Is there evidence that the FECP improved other leading indicators of student improvement?

  • Is there evidence that the FECP improved collaboration between Ashley Park and Movement School?List Title


  • Pre-surveys

  • Exit Tickets

  • Family Interviews

  • Teacher Interviews

“I think the partnership is a great way to maybe change the lens of how charter and district schools view each other.”

Teacher at Movement School

“[as a result of the partnership] we can compare the best teaching, testing, and parent engagement techniques to better serve our demographic. Without these comparisons, we would be wasting vital time and underserving
our students well-being.”

– Teacher in evalutation interview

“During school hours they are teachers and have to put on their teacher persona. But at family nights, you can see who they are as people. If you have question you can ask during family night, they invite you to use that time, that opportunity. It gives you a different perspective on who your child is seeing every day during school.”

– Family in evaluation interview

2019/2020 By the Numbers


Total Social Media Impressions

16,536 Impressions

14,919 Impressions

5,190 Total Views

22,512 mins
375 hours

1,940 Impressions

308 Impressions

Looking Ahead

In the 2020/21 school year, we intend to focus our efforts on joint back-to-school PD, grade-level or content-level focus areas, and advocacy.


These documents were created to present many of the systems and structures from the district/charter collaboration project focused on family empowerment. These documents are intended to be actionable, and easy to use for key stakeholders wishing to implement a family empowerment initiative in their community.

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