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I’m currently completing The Marketing Seminar, a three-month and fairly intense marketing class with Seth Godin. We are interacting with a number of professionals across the world by sharing ideas and responding to messages and videos from Seth. Recently, Seth released a video with the core message “people like us, do things like this” and it really got me thinking.

The prompt was meant to help us understand current clients, future clients, as well as establish clear expectations with our own teams. That if we can clearly establish the common beliefs and actions of “people like us”, we can then find others that get our message and vision. To me, the people part stands for what “we” believe in. The do things is related to the action of these people.

So, here’s what I think, specifically as I reflect on our people and work at our organization:

People like us

  • believe all kids can learn
  • believe all kids deserve access to a quality education
  • believe all adults can learn (and change)
  • believe innovation is needed in education
  • believe in leadership
  • believe in implementation
  • believe in measurable results
  • believe in diversity and integration
  • believe in building relationships
  • believe in creating what is needed

Do things like

  • smile
  • hustle
  • connect
  • check for typos
  • overdeliver
  • plan
  • fail
  • backward plan
  • work the plan
  • send thank you notes

This is an interesting exercise. It allows you to be aspirational and jot down ideas of your ideal self as well as the thoughts and actions of those who should be part of your community. We’ve found our most successful projects, relationships, and experiences often happen when with others from our tribe.

I hope you’ll consider finding your own tribe. Perhaps we’ll run into each other soon.

Action Steps

Leave us a comment and let us know more about you. People like us (you), do things like….