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Our clients are everything. We work with organizations and individuals that are motivated to improve educational opportunities in their communities. They are relentless in their pursuits. Often times, this work is gut-wrenching. It taps every part of their soul and emotions.

We understand this dynamic and aspire to help our clients become more efficient and strategic in their approach. We hope to deliver a remarkable service and experience that only amplifies our client’s efforts.

Some of our most recent clients and projects include:

  • One of the 20 largest school districts in the U.S
    • Development of Project Management tools
  • Elected officials
    • Strategic Planning support to expand after-school programs
  • College Advising non-profit
    • Business planning and implementation of a new initiative

Though the above is a small sample of our clients, we are intentional about serving each one at the highest level. Here is one quote from a recent client:

“I found the associate for Schermbeck Consulting to be inquisitive, able to ask the right questions to get beyond the superficial. This quality solicited the details needed to move the consultant’s work forward with full understanding and context. This curious nature coupled with being a good listener increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our partnership and ultimately resulted in success for the project”.

We work every day to get better for our clients and the students they serve.

Action Steps

  1. Would you like to learn more about our projects and results with the large school district, the elected official or the college advising non-profit? If so, leave a comment below and tell us. We’ll take a deep dive into the project with the most comments!
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