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The Square Pizza podcast focuses on the intersection of education, innovation, and diversity. We host and interview leaders doing incredible work around the country to ensure all students have access to an equitable education. The Square Pizza podcast is hosted by SchermCo, a social-impact implementation firm that offers strategic implementation and project management services to schools and education-focused organizations across the country.

Welcome back to another episode of the #squarepizzapod. This week, Greg is in conversation with Maria Flynn, President and CEO of Jobs for the Future. Jobs for the Future is a national nonprofit driving transformation in the American workforce and education systems.

In this episode: 

  • Connection from episode 73 with Lydia Logan, IBM
  • Jersey girl + Bruce Springsteen fan
  • Jobs for the future and why their work is urgent
  • Aligning workforce and education systems and  where she sees opportunities and current successes
  • Maria’s Forbes article: To Support Women in the Workforce, Stop Focusing on Women
    • She shares key takeaways she’d like readers to take away with
  • What practical advice she has for leaders of a workforce development non-profit as they seek to grow