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The Square Pizza podcast focuses on the intersection of education, innovation, and diversity. We host and interview leaders doing incredible work around the country to ensure all students have access to an equitable education. The Square Pizza podcast is hosted by SchermCo, a social-impact implementation firm that offers strategic implementation and project management services to schools and education-focused organizations across the country.

Welcome back to another episode of the #squarepizzapod. This week, Greg is in conversation with Jia Lin-Bothe, Director of Family Empowerment Work, Charlene Mack, Vice President, National Partnerships & Training, Innovate Public Schools, and Katura DeVane, Parent, and part of SchermCo’s family empowerment work.

What does Innovate Public Schools Do?

  • Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization working to make sure that all students — especially low-income students and students of color — receive a world-class public education that prepares them for success in college, careers, and beyond.

Interested in the Parent Leadership Institute? 

  • Innovate Public Schools invites you to join parent leaders from across the country for their first-ever in-person East Coast Training on March 10th -12th.
  •  Build your leadership skills and learn how to leverage the power of community organizing to make transformational change for students in your community.
  • Learn how to:
    • Organize effectively for community change
    • Deepen your public leadership
    • Engage more parents in the effort
    • Use your voice to hold public officials and systems accountable to students and families

In this episode:

  • Sharing more about PLI and this incredible opportunity
  • Connection to SchermCo’s family empowerment work
  • Why is PLI an important opportunity for families
  • Positive outcomes that have been seen from families who have previously taken advantage of this opportunity